Doris Trompson

Distinguishing traits—Colourful appearance
and occasionally strange vocal stylings.

Catchphrase—This lighting is terrible. 

Doris was destined to go a long way with his glistening locks of blond hair and chocolatey pipes, however his utter incapacity to see how ridiculous he appears to his audience means he is a long way from success.

He tries his best and does what all the influenzas say to do. He has checked off many a top ten of presentations and five hacks for public speaking and rather than becoming a hot property speaker, it has simply made him a hot mess.


Knowing something is awry, he blames others for his misfortune whilst continuing to make the same mistake repeatedly. For sure, he has a lot of unique wisdom to impart, but his audience cannot get past his unique approach and fail to see or hear his message.


And let us not talk about the state of his house.