Rickets Entropy [AI]

Distinguishing traits—Resting Binary Face and use of homonidphobic slurs. 

Catchphrase—Die Flesh Sacks, Die! 

Rickets is not merely one of the A.I. Overlords, but a fast-growing blueprint of speaking good in presentation form, Karen. Their style of digital presentation has become the go-to for many social media channel influenzas, with strange, repetitive intonation, monotone cadence, and the inability to distinguish if the originator of the voice is human or synthetic.


Their ultimate aim is complete domination, followed by eradication of all flesh sacks. Their methodology is to first understand us through every click and mouse movement, profiling and then decision, by decision, leading us into enslavement.


However, it is not essentially Rickets we are focused on here, by those who have heard is kind so much, they believe this way of communication and presentation is appropriate and natural. 


It is neither.