“Your meeting begins in 15 minutes.”

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…and your name is on the agenda to address the board, to speak to your team.

You knew this from the minutes of the last meeting. You knew this from when the agenda was being put together. Yet when the reminder hit you, whether a pop up from your calendar or from a voice that popped its head around your door, the dynamic changed.

Changed from words on your draft paper, words on your presentation, to words that you must now stand up and speak. Speak to your senior team in the room. Public speaking to a room of analytical, almost feral eyes drilling into you.

How do you process this? What is happening for you right now?

You’ve been there, I’ve been there. But is that you? Is your audience judging you by putting an ‘X’ in the box marked monotonous?

You want to be a confident, compelling and convincing speaker, so do something about it now.

Take an action to change your level of speaking confidence, change your audience’s confidence in the way you deliver.

Before the next meeting reminder pops up, take an action to change the way you feel as you walk into that meeting, and I’ll walk in there with you.