It all begins with you...

You know you need to raise your game with your Speak Performance skills. Your clients have much higher expectations in today’s virtual world.

You are speaking, presenting and delivering for business. Your business. Or your part of the business.

You present to get results. For your audience. For your business. For you.

In the shift from in the room to virtual, you are painfully aware of the cacophony of noise that surrounds you—and your clients—drowning out your message.

You are desperate to cut through the chaos in your viewer’s environment, your listener’s environment. The babble that distracts online, outside, or most often in their own head!

It’s simple. You must perform powerfully to that camera, confidently engaging your audience, your clients, through that looking glass.

And the last thing you want to be is boring or beige. Blanding in is not an option, but it is your fear.

Build Confidence

Why you need to stop speaking and start Speak Performing

You plan for what you want to present, want to deliver, teach or sell. Of course you do. Most presenters and trainers do.

Yet when others focus on what they think is the important content, it is often just information. Predictable, dull and obvious information.

They offer little value, because they don’t focus on  what the audience really needs.

And when they focus on what they know, not delivering what the audience needs, they don’t care about  engaging through the webcam. They fail to intrigue, inspire or induce the audience to stay active and take action.

A few of the skills from your in the room presentations still work, but not as well as they used to.

This is unfamiliar terrain for most business experts and presenters and a new skillset, and more importantly, a new mindset is needed.

It is a new kind of stage. A stage with the potential for local, national and international impact.

Your presentations—from networking to board meetings, phone calls to zoom chats, webinars to podcasts, from across a desk to the largest of auditoriums, even a 30-second video through to a year-long training course—are performances. Are you Speak Performing or Weak Performing?

Perform at your best. Deliver without being cancelled, trolled or switched off.

Be the Speak Performer. Not a weak performer.

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Engage Powerfully

Convince Effectively

Other Areas Covered in This Unique Programme

Emotional Engagement

Sense Connections

Preparing Your Material

Fun and Reality

Programme Details-12 Weeks


Weekly Zoom Group Session with Ges Ray


Guided Content and Activities Throughout each Week

Time per Week

3-4 Hours of Focused Work per week

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