Des Rey

Distinguishing traits—Hostile demeanour and large wrench. 

Catchphrase—Stop crying and start talking! 

Des is Mayor of Redbutton, a position he earned through persuasion and a knack for… coercion. In other words, Des uses threat tactics to convince his audience.  


This approach sees Des presenting his desired outcome through the lens of the audience’s problems. Here is ‘your problem’ and here is ‘how to solve it’—by giving me what I want. His modus operandi is so sleek and slimy, however, that you never see the wrench coming until it is too late. 


It could be said that anytime you hear a simple, magic wand, solution to a very real-world problem or something seemingly simple becomes a life-or-death situation, it has Des’ fingerprints all over it. This could be said, but Des always wears gloves.